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Pokki.comPokki is a new application store and platform for desktops. It aims to take the inherent versatility that mobile apps always have, and couple that with the accessibility of their desktop counterparts. Once one has installed Pokki on his computer (only PCs are supported for now), then he will be able to start buying and deploying apps for pretty much every significant website available today – Facebook, Gmail, eBay, Living Social… These apps then become listed on the desktop of the user, and the respective services can be accessed in one click from there. And instant notifications are sent whenever new activity has taken place.


The main selling point of Pokki is how it lets people access web content in a browser-free environment. All of the featured applications have been built using HTML5, CSS and Javascript, and the idea is to let users replicate the experience they have when using mobile apps right on their desktops.

As mentioned above, Pokki is a PC-only service. But that is set to change soon, with a Mac-friendly version of the app going to be released before too long. In Their Own Words

Bring the app experience to your desktop.

Why It Might Be A Killer

It modernizes the way in which people interact with apps on their desktops by making everything resemble a mobile experience at its finest.

Some Questions About

How many apps are meant to become available in due time?


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