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PlusYa.comCan’t wait for Google to let you have a vanity URL for your Google Plus profile page? Well, here’s a little something that will do in the meantime. Named PlusYa, this service makes for having a short Google Plus URL that you can spread around in a way that is more comfortable than sharing these absurdly long and unrelatable URLs we all are using right now. And there is more to PlusYa than that, as the service not only works as a URL shortener, but it also provides users with full profile analytics. Tracking the number of visits you have received (and exactly where they’ve come from) becomes something instant.


So, this service will not only let you have a shorter and more compact Google Plus URL to go around, it will also enable you to kick your social efforts into a higher gear by letting you measure the interest your profile is generating. Which is actually the main concern bar none of those who are into the Social Web to promote their own products and services, of course.

It has to be stressed, though, that PlusYa is not the first service of this nature to become available. MyPlus.Name and GPlus.To are two sites similar in approach and execution. But only PlusYa comes with analytics, so it is clearly the most powerful of the three. In Their Own Words

First Google Plus URL shortener with analytics.

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How many URLs have already been shortened using this service?


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