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PlanMixer.comTo put it in simple words, PlanMixer is a space on the WWW in which you can set down your every plan. This has two basic purposes.


The first is letting you keep track of your goals and don’t forget these things that truly matter to you. The second is a social purpose, as you will be capable of sharing your plans with your friends and acquaintances, and find out more or less immediately if someone has similar goals.

In each and every case, though, a “Mix” functionality is provided for you and your friends to blend your plans together. The way it works right now, the results aren’t necessarily 100 % suitable. Yet, it is always good to have such an option to go with.

Besides, the sites will let you carry out searches in order to determine where the buzz is at, and whether that cool idea you and your close friends just had is really that unique or not. If it is not, there is nothing that would prevent you from joining up with other planners and making the world go round. In Their Own Words

“Plan Mixer is a free service for you to share your plans with anyone and everyone. You can also search locally for new friends by plans.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

Making any plan come true is easier if you are not on your own. This site will let you ensure that.

Some Questions About

Is this already integrated with Facebook, Twitter and the other social services of the day?


Author : Roger Hollings

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