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Placepad.comSelf-defined as a “sketch pad for places”, Placepad is an Internet tool that can make your whole life considerably easier when you have to create a floor plan to show to prospective buyers.


Here, everything is done in a logical way – you simply have to answer a couple of questions for the plan to be generated.

No technical knowledge or expertise is required.

The creation process is started by giving a name to the place you are plotting, and specifying what kind of place it is. For the time being, you can choose “House” only, but “Apartment” and “Office” are going to be added to the list soon. You are then asked to specify how many floors the place has (no more than 3 are allowed), how many bedrooms, how many bathrooms… You will have mapped your the place before you noticed.

A full floor plan with pictures can be created in about 10 minutes, and once it is ready you will be able to share it with whomever you want – people who are interested in buying or renting the place, people that you want to hire in order to have it remodeled… In Their Own Words

“Placepad allows anyone to create an interactive floor plan with photos and notes in very a short amount of time.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

It will let you do by yourself what could previously be done only with the help of a professional.

Some Questions About

What if you need to map a place that has more than 3 floors?


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