PigeonWave.com – Managing Every Side Of Your Company

PigeonWave.comPigeonWave is an online communication tool for businesses. It is particularly directed at the SME sector.

Most companies realize how advantageous it is to bring their business relations online and get closer to their customers in such a setting, and this communication tool aims to illuminate small and medium enterprises that are still to immerse themselves on the Web.

In a certain sense, PigeonWave is two services in one: a portal that lets businesses and brands communicate with the world, and a workspace for businesses to handle information. Taken as a whole, these two sides cover networking needs and the management of content. Companies can get in touch with both current and prospective customers and share media such as presentations, whereas feedback can be monitored and easily acted upon.

The portal itself can be modified aesthetically as much as you wish, as it was only to be expected – a page that details what your company is all about and its future plans could never be a generic one. And the fact that PigeonWave is a hosted solution from start to finish just makes it all the more convenient, and something which is perfectly-suited to its intended public – individuals that operate within budgets that are limited.

PigeonWave.com In Their Own Words

“Bringing local businesses closer.”

Why PigeonWave.com It Might Be A Killer

It will be perfect for budding entrepreneurs everywhere – they will minimize costs and enhance their productivity at the very same time.

Some Questions About PigeonWave.com

Will it always be a 100 % browser-based application? PigeonWave.com