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PicnicCRM.comAs far as managing your contacts goes, it hardly gets any better than applications like this one. Picnic CRM is a fully-featured solution that will let even the most demanding users organize their contacts and keep track of all the tasks that go with them. The way this web application works, an unlimited number of contacts can be stored and organized by tags. And it is even possible to sync Picnic CRM with services like MailChimp, and have everything imported straight into the application.


In any case, once the contact list has been assembled, users can have as many tasks assigned to contacts as they need. Once tasks are completed, they can be easily checked off. And something really convenient is that email reminders are automatically sent out 48 hours before any task is due.

And Picnic CRM also lets you create and store an unlimited number of notes. Each will be dated, and become displayed in a timeline for much easier reference.

Picnic CRM is available at a fixed monthly price, namely $ 19. A free 30-day trial can be initiated whenever you want, too. In Their Own Words

Easy contact and list management.

Why It Might Be A Killer

It is a powerful CRM tool that is nonetheless very simple to use.

Some Questions About

What features will be added next? What have people specifically requested?


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