– Put Your Mobile On Your Desktop

Phonedeck answers the question of what would happen if the mobility and connectivity of mobile phones were paired with the large screens and keyboards of personal computers. Phonedeck is a new service that works with Android and S40 phones, and it lets you manage all your calls, text messages and contacts right from your browser. With Phonedeck, you can get SMS notifications on your desktop, and write text messages remotely using your keyboard.

Using this service means that a pop-up will appear on your computer when your phone rings. You’ll then be able to answer the call immediately, or send it to voice mail. And as far as missed calls are concerned, then you can respond to them using text messages.

Additionally, Phonedeck lets you share your phone activity with your friends on Facebook. The idea is that as the platform grows and grows, more social network compatibility will be provided, and your friends will be able to interact with what you’re sharing in lots of different ways. And support for location-based services is underway, too.

Phonedesk also lets you perform the kind of tasks that only the most powerful contact management systems can handle. You can have your contacts auto-curated, and see your full interaction history for your each and every contact. You can see how many times you’ve talked with anybody, and for how long. Clear insights and statistics are available for you to understand exactly how you’re using technology to get your work done.

Giving that Phonedeck combines the two devices which are used most often by business people, it’s fair to assume that the service can pick up a reasonable amount of traction. Accounts are available at no cost, and you can register for your own here. And Phonedeck is free to begin with. A paid-for version will come in time, and it will include features like being able to publish phone events to platforms such as Salesforce.