– Storing The World Wide Web

Perpetually.comTo put it in simple words, Perpetually enables anybody to keep a sort of “history of the WWW” in a private archive. That is, all of his or her activity as regards the Internet is stored and accessible from that point onwards.

This has many uses, probably more than one would think of at first.

A corporate use is the most obvious one. Any given company could use a solution like this one in order to track the way its performance is taking shape, how any campaign has evolved and keep posted on what the competition is up to. And it is possible to capture news about any company the way that they were published, and easily compare the initial reception any product received in order to plan future updates.

But other uses do come to mind, and maybe the most significant one might be the one legal professionals can put this too. For example, they can get hold of records in their original shape, and also of laws that have been amended.

In final place, politicians could use something like this to bring more transparency into any campaign. This is their pivotal concern as we all know, and a system that somehow lets them project a better image is one they will obviously find interesting.

An account is created for free on the site. If you feel like keeping track of what has gone before to ensure what is coming next will not fail to deliver, you might like to check this site out. In Their Own Words

“Perpetually lets businesses and organizations keep the history of the web in a private archive.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

The professionals and organizations that were mentioned in the review are certain to find it valuable. I am not sure about individual users, though.

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How much does it cost? Which plans are there for you to choose from?