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PClicks.comYou might think that optimizing a website and making more and more people visit it is the kind of task only a SEO expert could pull off, yet the truth differs from that. Such a thing might have been the case before, but nowadays we have web services like PClicks – web services that will let you analyze exactly how people are landing on your site, what they do there and why do they leave. By having access to all that information, even someone who is utterly new to the game should be able to start putting a viable strategy together.

Once the service has been implemented, PClicks can provide you with rich reports featuring everything from visual heat maps and click locations to actual link and image click counting. And this information is updated in real time, so that you will be able to realize how any changes or corrective measures you are applying are working out in practice.

All in all, quite a great way to gain up-to-the-minute insight into the people who visit your site, and get to know what you should give them in order to make them stay longer there. And it can be tried for free to begin with, too.

PClicks.com In Their Own Words

Simple real-time analytics.

Why PClicks.com It Might Be A Killer

It will let webmasters young and old realize the best strategies for making people take to their sites more devotedly.

Some Questions About PClicks.com

Can you have reports printed and/or exported to PDFs? PClicks.com