PBworks.com – Online Shared Workspaces

PBworks.comThere are many sites that you can turn to if creating shared workspaces is what your team needs. This is one of these, and it already has three different incarnations that map out the range of possible users pretty well.

These are an edition for business and another for educational uses, whereas a version for personal purposes is provided for those whose collaborative processes couldn’t be deemed as professional ones.

Features include document sharing and editing as well as the managing of headlines, and real time collaboration is made possible by messaging each other right away. Besides, conference calls can be carried out and stored for ulterior reference.

Each individual version of PBworks also has some features of its own, including the ability to invite students on the spot if you are running the Educational edition, whereas the personal version of PBworks lets you invite others to take part of your projects in a somehow similar way. The personal incarnation of PBwoks also makes for creating Wiki pages, and for centralizing documents that otherwise might lie spread (and hard to find) across the WWW.

PBworks.com In Their Own Words

“Shared workspaces for working with colleagues, clients and partners.”

Why PBworks.com It Might Be A Killer

Such a tool simplifies the process of coordinating tasks with any workforce that is scattered over different locations, and it certainly can bring order into your life.

Some Questions About PBworks.com

Are free trials provided in every case? PBworks.com