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Parkingmate.netA service that is available to people who are in Europe, Parkingmate enables users to offer their (momentarily) unused parking space to every other person who is part of the Parkingmate community. The idea is to generate a practically unlimited amount of parking spaces that can actually be accessed for free – using the site comes at just no cost. All the parking spaces that can be found through the site can be booked for free.


And finding all these spaces is actually simplicity in itself. The site has a large interactive map that you can use to pinpoint your exact location, and realize which nearby parking spaces are there. Plus, a highly-practical search menu is going to let you find available spaces both by location and by date. The exact length of time someone is going to keep his vehicle parked at any place can be set down.

The site, then, scores quite highly as far as usability goes. And the fact it is available both in English and in Spanish just adds to its overall appeal. In Their Own Words

With parkingmate you find a parking space everywhere.

Why It Might Be A Killer

It will let people who live in any part of Europe (or who are passing through) find a place to park their cars within minutes, probably even less.

Some Questions About

Are there sites that do this for those of us in America?


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