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PageMage.comPage Mage is an eBay listing solution which aims to combine Web 2.0 and social media features together so as to give merchants and every single person who uses it a better chance to stand out from the crowd.


This solution (which is approved by eBay) employs a Flash-based platform that lets the user conjure up listings which are far more easy on the eye and interactive. Rich-media features like video, animated text and embeddable image galleries are actively supported.

The best thing is that all this is made possible through dragging and dropping components into place – no coding skills whatsoever are required. Besides, the system dispenses with image manipulation tools since text, images and videos can be located where you want in an effortless way.

For its part, the provided social media features allow users to post entire eBay listings into blogs and the social networking sites of the day. More exposure obviously leads to more bids. And when one thinks of the scope that sites such as Facebook, MySpace, Blogger and LiveJournal have, it is evident that a significant difference can be made this way. In Their Own Words

“Create Eye Popping eBay Auction Templates with Page Mage.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

Anything which gives a listing more visibility is innately attractive, and when visibility is increased in such a way then a solution is all the more appealing.

Some Questions About

How much does this cost? Is there a trial version available?


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