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PackingWiz.comIn a nutshell, Packing Wiz is a new web-based app that will allow you to create a packing list whenever you are striking out somewhere, be it on a holiday or on a business trip. This list can be saved and it can be reused for subsequent trips.


As it stands, hundreds of travel items are already featured for you to pick them and create your list. Once the list is ready, you can proceed to print it in order to take it as you go. Of course, the lists that you create are shareable in all the usual ways, and since the application is a web-based one you can build it collaboratively with others.

The objective of this site is to be simple enough so as to let people solve a common, everyday problem. The problem itself is not that taxing, so the programmer decided not to come up with a complex tool. I think the approach has paid off, and in case you want to know more about the way this site works you can do so at In Their Own Words

“Use our packing check list before you pack your travel supplies.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

It can turn out to be a real time saver.

Some Questions About

In which direction will this app be headed from this point onwards?


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