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PackageFox.comPackage Fox is a service for the tracking of expedited shipments. Using it, anybody can stay on top of all the packages that he sends using such a priority option and learn exactly when they make it to their destination. And that is extremely useful not only because the one sending the package out can realize that it was indeed received, but also because any person who pays for an expedited delivery is actually entitled to claim his money back if the package has arrived late. Do you begin to see why this site is so interesting?


And it gets even better, as Package Fox can actually take care of recovering the funds from these deliveries for you. That is, in addition to tracking late arrivals Package Fox can initiate the claims that are in order.

So, Package Fox can identify late deliveries, submit all the relevant claims and follow up until the refund money is nestled in your pocket (or your shipping account, to be more exact).

The services that can currently be tracked like this include both FedEx and UPS. In Their Own Words

Late delivery of your expedited packages is inconvenient and costs you money. But how do you recover funds from those late deliveries? PackageFox can quickly audit your shipments and recover your money in just a few easy steps!

Why It Might Be A Killer

It will let just anybody get refund money that he might not even know about otherwise.

Some Questions About

How much refund money usually goes unclaimed on a month alone?


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