Osmek.com – A New Content Management System

Osmek.comOsmek is a new service that makes creating content and having it spread all over the Web a very smooth task indeed. Some of the things that Osmek can do include managing a blog, hosting photos and videos and tracking email campaigns.

And tasks such as dealing with banners and comments from any site of yours is something done in an equally easy way.

Upon registering and creating an account you will be able to have your pick from 10 different modules such as “Photos”, “Site Settings” and “Podcasts” – that is, the modules that provide the core functionalities of the whole content management system. Modules can then be expanded and extended by attaching files to them, or by tagging content with keywords.

As a platform, Osmek has the advantage of being based on the cloud – IE, there is no need to install or upgrade anything if you decide to use it. Besides, the provided API lets you access your account in any format that you fancy – JSON, XML, HTL, serialized PHP… most people’s preferences are surely covered already.

Osmek.com In Their Own Words

“Osmek is a web publishing system that believes content is king. It’s a beautiful and simple user interface for creating content, and a powerful set of API’s for retrieving it where and how you need it.”

Why Osmek.com It Might Be A Killer

The creation and distribution of content is made considerably more direct by such a platform, and certainly more elastic.

Some Questions About Osmek.com

How many plans are there for you to choose from? Do they cover most people’s needs on the whole? Osmek.com