OpinionLab.com – Giving Customers A Voice

OpinionLab.comMaking the voices of customer be heard is the objective of this initiative. OpinionLab provides a framework in which they can comment on the services rendered by different companies, and these companies can then apply any corrective measures that they think are necessary.

The way this works is by having companies add a [+] symbol to their websites or other touch points like advertisements, and then by merely clicking on these symbols customers will be allowed to fill in a comment card. Such a system has the advantage of being usable from just anywhere, at any time. And companies have access to the feedback in a wholly organized setting, since they can monitor and track comments very easily and see if some points are being brought up more recurrently than others.

This platform, then, facilitates the exchange of feedback between companies and customers to no end. People can say what the want in a setting where they are assured their voices will be heard. Companies can analyze feedback in a coherent way, without having to arrange it all manually – the basic steps of the process are already articulated for them. All of this turns Opinion Lab into a very interesting resource for companies that aim to provide punters with a more realized service from start to finish.

OpinionLab.com In Their Own Words

“OpinionLab invites consumers to communicate with companies in their own words, at anytime, from anywhere. And we make it easy for companies to listen and react.”

Why OpinionLab.com It Might Be A Killer

A platform like this one effectively ensures that the feedback of customers will not fall in deaf ears.

Some Questions About OpinionLab.com

How easy is it to implement a [+] symbol into a site/ad? OpinionLab.com