– Converting Files Of Every Type

Online-Convert.comThe kind of site that you must always have close at hand, Online Converter will let you do exactly what its name implies: take a file (any kind of file) and have it converted into a different format.

The main page puts you face to face with a dashboard that will let you have your pick from 6 different media files, and choose the target format that applies in each and every case.

You can convert audio, videos, images, documents, ebooks and hashes by merely clicking on the corresponding drop-down menus and picking the desired output files.

Note that when it comes to hashes you are not really “converting” a file into a different format, but you are actually using an encryption tool to convert sensitive data in hashes.

Using this service does not require you to download or install any kind of software. There is no need to set up or configure anything either. And there are no fees to be paid. You simply pick the relevant option form the ones that were enumerated above and then you will be good to go. In Their Own Words

“Convert media files online from one format into another.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

With the proliferation of media formats (a direct consequence of the wide number of devices available today) tools like this one are nothing short of essential.

Some Questions About

What can you do with there resulting files besides saving them? Can you forward them to a friend straightaway?