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One2OneLending.comMany people are dead against lending or borrowing money from their friends. They are afraid of ruining their relationships, and ending up fighting with someone that they hold dear over something as petty as money. But many times they feel just awful because they did not help a good friend who was in need when they could have done it.


One 2 One Lending has been devised with that people in mind. Through the site, anybody can create a loan contract or a promissory note to document the any such operation. They will be able to set down the interest rate, the payments terms (in years), the security… This is accomplished via a note builder wizard that works entirely on the browser.

And those who already know the terms and condition of their loans can simply download any of the sample forms which are featured, and fill in the blanks. These sample forms are all in Microsoft Word format. Check the exact prices that apply on the site. As you can imagine, using one of these forms is much cheaper than creating one from scratch. In Their Own Words

Promissory notes, loan forms, loan documents and loan contracts.

Why It Might Be A Killer

Using forms like these is the only way of ensuring lifelong friendships will remain untarnished by something like money.

Some Questions About

Do these forms have legal binding force?


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