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OhBoard.comA really simple whiteboard app for Google Chrome, Oh Board is currently available for $ 3.99. It is a great tool for creating sketches and diagrams, and for overall brainstorming and doodling.


This whiteboard comes with unlimited storage and automatic saving of files. You can actually choose to have them saved locally, or use a service such as Dropbox. And an offline mode is likewise provided for further convenience.

When it comes to the actual design capabilities of the application, it must be remarked that infinite undo and redo capabilities are provided. This means that actions can be undone until you come back to the point it all started going wrong, regardless of when that exactly happened – yesternight, a week to this date, even a full year ago. Couple that with the uber-simple interface (which dispenses with unnecessary shapes), and you will realize how practical this application can really turn out to be. In Their Own Words

Easiest whiteboarding app on Earth.

Why It Might Be A Killer

It is a really easy-to-use application, and the pricing is just right.

Some Questions About

Will we ever see a similar application for other browsers? Is the team responsible for Oh Board working on that?


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