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Ofyrox.comLetting contactors and their clients communicate better and more transparently is the aim of this new platform. Using Ofyrox, clients can make their actual demands clear to their contractors, so that the actual execution of projects is truer to what they have in mind.

Ofyrox enables contractors to create and send multiple option proposals to customers, and by picking the ones that apply the customer will be letting the contractor know exactly what he needs done and how. The cost of projects (and their duration) is set down explicitly on the proposal itself, and clients are enabled to discuss all the grey areas that there might be in the project before signing up in earnest.

Ofyrox costs $ 1 per proposal. Customers are only charged for these proposals that they accept. They are not charged for the ones they see and ignore.

Accounts can be created at no cost, and they all come with 3 free proposals. In Their Own Words

Making tasks clear.

Why It Might Be A Killer

It is the perfect tool for contractors and their clients to clearly know what to expect of each other.

Some Questions About

Can you buy bulk proposals if you want?

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