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NotiFinder.comNotiFinder is the right tool if you are addicted to Craiglist and want to know when something you are keen on is listed without having to check manually every five minutes. What NotiFinder does is to send these posting straight to your inbox.


So, NotiFinder is to all intent and purposes a timesaver that also has the advantage of being usable by anybody, anywhere, and at no cost.

All that needs to be done by the user to start receiving alerts in his inbox is to specify where he lives (by supplying his City, State and Country) and then individualize the item (or items) he is keen on getting. This is made very easy thanks to the ability to choose the category and subcategory at the same time that he types down the name of the concerned product.

Besides, users can set down the frequency at which they want to be informed. Three options are provided in that particular case: “As soon as one is posted”, “Once daily” and “Once weekly”. In Their Own Words

“Craiglist postings directly to your email.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

It is the perfect service for closely monitoring Craigslist without actually having to get near it.

Some Questions About

Does this works with all email providers? What are the risks of the alert being actually mistaken as spam?


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