– Creating Sticky Notes In A Very Simple Way

Noterr.comNoterr is a simple application that will let you create sticky notes and have them placed wherever you need them. “Simple” is the key word here, as you don’t even need to sign up exclusively for the service – if you have a Twitter account you can use it to log in instead.

And chances are you will have one, so that the site is instantly usable by mostly everybody.

The actual creation of the notes entails no big effort at all. You simply create as many of them as you want, edit the text that will take up their full bodies and choose how and where they will be placed for maximum visibility. You can tweak with some aspects like the color, too, as it is only fit – you might want to create different types of reminders, and this gives you a chance to have them categorized. And in any case it is a proven fact that memory works differently according to each individual, and that he or she will grasp something more quickly if a certain color association is made. In Their Own Words

“Create sticky notes instantly.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

If you are looking for a dead simple way to remember everything, then this is it.

Some Questions About

Shouldn’t more options for modifying the layout itself of the notes be provided?