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NoteboxApp.comNotebox can be accurately termed a design and concept feedback application. Using it, designers can receive feedback from their clients on any piece that they have created in a very straightforward way, as the client places a of kind sticky note on the actual design for you the designer to read and then act upon.


This dispenses with the time-consuming (and even equivocal) process of sending emails back and forth, a process that can actually end up frustrating both the client and the designer. In that sense, Notebox is a much healthier alternative, and the fact that you can modify the actual appearance of notes and their style is definitely a good touch, as it makes the process feel even more personalized.

There exist two different paid versions of Notebox, and you can also start a free trail whenever you wish. The paid versions go by the names of Notebox Lite and Notebox Stacked. The former is the one that freelancers would like to try, whereas the latter is specially suited towards larger studios that employ a lot of people. And plans are always upgradeable. In Their Own Words

“A web app to help designers get client feedback on their designs.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

The site makes it very easy for designers to get specific feedback, and in an unequivocal way at that.

Some Questions About

Can you arrange notes based on their priority?


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