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Nomaine.comNomaine is a tool that can be used to come up with suitable names for domains and ventures. I think I have already discussed the importance of such a step, and the transcendence that it has.


It is the foundation of the whole initiative, but even knowing how pivotal that is does not mean you will be able to dream one up easily. That is why sites like Nomaine are useful – they can come up with word combinations that a person could not really arrive at on his own devices.

Technically speaking, Nomaine is a themed domain name generator. This means that upon carrying out an analysis different word parts are arranged into a new position, and the fact that you direct the whole process by adding prefixes and suffixes is really helpful. So is being capable of limiting the actual number of syllables. It is obvious that the shorter the domain the more memorable and easy to apprehend it is.

Some of the featured themes include cities (from different countries), rock bands, animals, colors, fruits…there are many motifs which are already featured, and if an even more international feel is achieved (IE, adding sites for the US to the themes) then this is clearly going to be all the more appealing. As it stands, it is highly useful if you live in any of the regions that have merited an inclusion so far. If you are located elsewhere you will also find it practical, but you might be left wanting more. In Their Own Words

“Need a domain name for your company, guild or secret project?

Nomaine is a fun and simple themed domain name generator. After analysis, word parts from lists are rearranged to create random pronounceable names.

You can add a prefix or suffix to direct search in a specific direction and limit the number of syllables.

Domain availability is checked. Each search usually returns around 15 available domain names. You can bookmark your favorite ones for an easy brainstorming session.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

It is a good way to come up with a catchy URL to go with any project of yours, and making it more memorable.

Some Questions About

Will the site broaden its appeal and add new themes anytime soon?


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