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NoBadGift.comThe Internet makes it possible for us to tell our friends these things we would love to get for our birthdays in a way that sounds neither pedantic nor overbearing. Applications like NoBadGift let us place everything in a context where our wishes can but come across spontaneously, and in a good-natured way.

On you can individualize the item (or items) that would make for a perfect birthday gift. Your friends will get to know exactly what you want, and start collaborating towards buying it.

And there is more to the site than that, as you will be able to pinpoint gifts for events other than birthdays. Your graduation, your wedding… gifts for just any kind of significant event in the life of a person can be individualized.

Does the above sound good? Well, that is because the site is actually quite good. Give it a spin right now – you will be able to do it for free, as accounts come at no cost. In Their Own Words

The cure for the bad gift.

Why It Might Be A Killer

It will put an end to the embarrassment of having to fake a smile when receiving a gift you could hardly want less. In nine out of ten cases, people can easily tell.

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Where did the inspiration for this site come from? Did it come from any specific incident?