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Nasuni.comNasuni is a company which aims to breathe some fresh air into the cloud storage scene. Basically, it champions an approach that can be defined as “Storage as a service”.


That is quite an alluring name in itself, and it doesn’t sell the service short at all: it gives both small and medium-sized business a chance to increase their storage capacities both for backup purposes and for primary storage. This is achieved via a device called the Nasuni Filer, and this device makes for keeping up to 100 gigabytes of data on local disks inside the business. The files saved there are instantly accessible (and at high speeds), even though technically they are stored in the cloud.

The one audience for this device is clear: companies which are expanding and facing storage demands that otherwise would entail the purchase of a giant, expensive storage system. The Nasuni Filer makes for accommodating such an influx of data without having to go for these file systems that one associates with multitudinous corporations. And the pricing in this case is perfectly suited to small companies experiencing expansion, since they can pay as they go, right as their requirements are increasing. In Their Own Words

“Simplified file storage and protection for business.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

It will let small and medium-sized companies deal with scalability issues in a way one would associate with big corporations.

Some Questions About

In which ways will this service evolve?


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