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MyTooq.comBy its mere nature, myTooq is a tool that will cater for small business owners and contractors. You see, it will let them take care of billing and accounting without going overboard in any sense.


Using myTooq anybody can create invoices and receipts and have them delivered to his clients in a flash. Users can likewise come up with estimates, and mail them in an equally effortless way. All transactions and documents are sent out as PDF files, and an activity log for auditing is provided as well.

Besides, multiple individuals can employ the same account, although the actual number of users varies from plan to plan – there are currently five different plans to choose from. They range from “Basic” to “Enterprise” to all points in between. The “Basic” package comes with support for five clients and it can be employed by one user only, whereas at the other end of the spectre we have the “Enterprise” edition offering support for unlimited clients and up to eight users. The “Enterprise” version also supports 2,500 invoices or estimates. In Their Own Words

“Your Contractor & Small Business Toolbox.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

It is quite versatile, and there are enough plans to cater for the demands of users of every kind.

Some Questions About

Are plans upgradeable as you go?


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