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MysTwt.comMysTwt is a new service that makes for anonymous tweeting. Using it, you will be able to send tweets to your friends without having to disclose your identity – the tweets that they are to receive will come either from or @mystwt_ or @_mystwt.


The ones who have built MysTwt explain they did it because they wanted to give people a tool that could be used for recommending things to each other without having to stay in the middle. For example, the person who has created a blog might be a little reluctant to recommend it directly to others. Using something like MysTwt, he will be able to point people to the blog without looking self-aggrandizing. Of course, people will eventually realize that the blog belongs to him, and then they might be able to put two and two together. But that is a different matter. MysTwt is used just for bringing what you want to advertise to the attention of the other person.

And there is no need to tell you that if you want to get mischievous, then MysTwt will also let you do it in a grand way… Anonymous messaging systems are always characterized by that. MysTwt is no exception. In Their Own Words

Tweet concealed!

Why It Might Be A Killer

It can be used to raise awareness about worthwhile sites and blogs in an unbiased way.

Some Questions About

Will people put this to serious uses? Or will silliness reign supreme?


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