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MySort.netMy Sort is a new application that you can use in order to sort data of just any kind. You can use it to rearrange your contacts, have their phone numbers reordered, change the way in which you have grouped their addresses… This application makes it all possible – you can have your lists rearranged on the spot.


The one immediate use for this is that you will be able to pick people at random, so if you need to organize a contest whose winners will be decided randomly then My Sort will be able of doing it for you.

Besides, the site comes both with a “Sort Facebook” and a “Sort Twitter” application. The former will be great for individualizing followers from any of your fan pages, whereas the latter will come in handy when you have to select some arbitrary users from your list of followers.

Also, the site comes with a random number generator. It is the kind of tool that comes in handy when you least expect it – just make a note that such a tool can be found on this website. In Their Own Words

“At MySort we try to make the action of “sorting” things as easy as possible! Currently, you will be able to sort a list of names, numbers, emails or even girlfriends phone numbers! But, Social networks are also important to us, this way we developed few tools that allows you to sort your friends/fans/group members or even followers from Facebook and Twitter.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

It stands as the perfect tool for randomizing any list that you have lying around.

Some Questions About

What if Facebook or Twitter begin offering such an option? What will happen to this site then?


Author : Roger Hollings

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