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MyselfToGo.comIf you are the kind who can’t rest until you have tried every single social service that surfaces, then I guess you must have a hectic schedule indeed. And I also bet that providing the very same profile information and personal particulars time after time is your pet hate by now.


Well, it seems your luck is about to change. Myself To Go is a new service that will let any user add a button to his browser’s toolbar for saving on a sizable amount of the typing that is done when signing up for a new service.

What Myself To Go does is to store recurrent information and keep it close at hand when a new form is faced. A quick analysis is then performed, and this information is employed when matches are found.

And a very nice feature of this service is that it will let you automatically update anything that changes. For instance, if you get a new e-mail address Myself To Go has information updated automatically for every single site that you had signed up for using it.

Finally, it must be mentioned that webmasters and online publishers can have access to the provided API in order to maximize the field exchange possibilities that this system has by default, and provide users with a greater chance to meet up and interact online. In Their Own Words

“Web surfers use MyselfToGo to share online content with other surfers and to exchange their personal information between websites instead of entering the information endlessly everywhere.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

People who are active on the Social Web try out a couple of services per week alone. This makes that task something as enjoyable as it should be.

Some Questions About

What would it take for this system to become a standard?


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