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MyKnowledgeGenie.comKnowledge Genie is a recently-launched startup that helps people and organizations share what they know by way of an interactive web app which is called a “Genie”. This Genie, then, can be termed a tool for digital publishing and interactively arranging together all the information a person might want to share with others, as well packaging it.


The information thus packaged can be presented either for personal use or for sale.

When it comes to self-promoting what you do, Knowledge Genie is hard to beat. If you have a blog, you can use Knowledge Genie in order to organize or sell these posts you think stand as your very best. Another example: if you are a teacher, you can create an interactive course guide with documents and links to the different subjects, effectively confecting a sort of how-to book which is web-based.

In terms of implementation, Knowledge Genie is not only intuitive but also user friendly. And it is as interactive as you need it to be. Note that the information you can gather together is not just limited to text. It is actually possible to upload media of every kind (audio, video, images, and also links to other sites). And once you have finished, you can publish the results as publicly or privately as you desire.

A fully-featured free account for those that don’t plan on selling their knowledge is available, and those that intend to profit from their efforts will be glad to know that Google and PayPal integration is offered.

All in all, Knowledge Genie has what it takes for becoming the center of your universe of topics. You can reach the site at the provided address and see if it clicks with you or not. In Their Own Words

“Knowledge Genie is currently a privately funded start-up that has an idealistic ambition to change the way people share and profit from what they know. Why? Because we (the founders) know the pain of writing (and selling) three books, architecting a software program to bring our book’s content to life, and developing training and tools to increase corporate productivity for the likes of Intel Sun, Apple, and Toyota.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

It stands as a supple way of transmitting all your knowledge, and (if you want) generate an income for doing so.

Some Questions About

How much money could someone truly active generate through something like this?


Author : Roger Hollings

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