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MyBantu.comMyBantu is a new web application that can be accurately termed a smart personal manager. “Smart” is the key word here, as MyBantu provides you with recommendations that are 100 % suited to where you are and what you need.


For example, if you meet up with somebody unexpectedly and you need a classy place to eat you can turn to MyBantu for guidance. The same applies if you need tickets all of a sudden, or if you are heading to a rehearsal with the band you are a part of and the bassist calls you and asks you to buy new strings for him somewhere along the way. In all these examples, you just launch MyBantu and after providing the necessary data a set of recommendations will be produced.

Additionally, MyBantu works as a personal assistant that reminds you to make calls and notifies you when any meeting is imminent. And it is important to stress that both personal and professional commitments can be monitored.

As far as using MyBantu is concerned, you can either log in via Facebook Connect or create an account. The process is an easy one in both cases, and no fees of any kind have to be paid. In Their Own Words

“Smart personal manager.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

As a tool, it will let you stay on top of both your personal and professional commitments.

Some Questions About

Will MyBantu always be usable for free?


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