KillerStartups – Back Up Your FTP Server to Dropbox

After learning that Ashton Kutcher would play Steve Jobs in an upcoming biopic, I have spent the last couple of days catatonic. But life has to go on, and so today I managed to lift my body and get out of bed to become an active part of society again. Which also means doing my job, of course.


And today, it’s Backup Box’s turn to be reviewed on KillerStartups. Like most good sites, the idea behind this new platform is simplicity in itself. Namely, connecting technologies that don’t really get along very well like FTP and Dropbox, and making them work as one.


Eric Warnke (Backup Box’s creator) told me he decided to build this new site when he needed to backup his FTP server to Dropbox, only to realize there was no easy way to do it. “We looked around” – he added – “and it turned out that thousands of people had the exact same problem and nobody was doing anything about it”. And so, he fixed this situation by creating something that simplifies doing backup transfers for different online services.

When asked about his service’s most outstanding features, Eric stated that “Backup Box is extremely simple to use, you don’t have to download or install anything because we take care of all the heavy lifting on our servers. We also have very high bandwidth caps and many of our users transfer gigabytes of data without any problems. Many of our customers use us to backup multiple WordPress sites that they host without having to worry about plugin compatibility or installing/configuring anything”.


“And lastly” – Eric said – “we take security very seriously, and everything you do on our site utilizes military grade encryption so that your credentials are safe”.


Backup Box accounts are created for free, and all you must do to sign up for yours is to supply your email and a passphrase. There’s no fees for using the service, and there’s just nothing to install on your own computer or servers before you can start having your data backed up.


Eric and his team are now working on adding more and more connectors. Just last week, they managed to implement support for SFTP. And if all goes according to plan, support for Amazon Web Services, Git and many other popular connectors will be available soon.


And the guys have also taken the time to add a page where you can suggest new ideas, and vote on the ones others have brought forth. Check it out here – it’s always nice to know that the people behind these services you use are listening to you so carefully.



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