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MultiBrowserViewer.comCross browser testing is one of the necessary evils web developers have to face. Now that Internet Explorer 6 is officially out of the way the situation has certainly become less onerous, but headaches are never that far away for the mere reason there are too many browsers out there to be tested.


This software application will let you compare and contrast no less than 16 virtualized browses and 48 screenshot variations.

All these browsers run as a single executable. You can launch them at once, and there is no need to worry about aspects like runtime dependencies or data files. It is all taken care of for you, so that you can concentrate on the testing aspect only. Besides, the fact that images and HTML files are all saved locally makes it all even suppler.

All in all, this software application will let developers test the way any intended web-based application will run on Windows, Mac and Linux in one fell swoop. All the obvious combinations are covered, along with those that are not that frequent but that might be important nonetheless. In Their Own Words

“Cross Browser Testing with 16 virtualized browsers & 48 screenshot variations!”

Why It Might Be A Killer

The amount of time developers can save through it is simply extraordinary.

Some Questions About

How often is this application updated?


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