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MoveIdiot.comA site whose title might be a little too explicit for some people, Move Idiot provides a very useful set of services and functionalities. We could name it a complete assistant for the ones who have to move, and it lets them plan and arrange the whole process online.


For example, using this application is very easy to calculate a moving budget and determine if that company that you intend to hire is making you pay though your noise or it is being professional enough and not charging you a cent more.

Besides, through such a site you can track the boxes that you have shipped on a real-time basis – you will know at all times where it is that your boxes are going, and where it is that they were before.

I know many people who are a bit gunshy when it comes to moving. In is not as much as a matter of not trusting the moving company, but rather not knowing how much should they pay for its services. Sites such as this one make the whole process more transparent, as progresses can be tracked as they are happening and you (as the user) can know exactly the status of your items at each stop.

And a small piece of naming advice: if you are to name an app, don’t use the word “Idiot” in the title. Use something like “Dummy” instead. Unless you want to unnecessarily alienate some people, that’s it. In Their Own Words

“ is a free Web-based service that makes it easy to manage and plan entire moves online!”

Why It Might Be A Killer

The service is comprehensive enough as to let you ensure that moving is as smooth as you hope it would be.

Some Questions About

Is this service available worldwide?


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