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MovDivx.comMovDivx is one of these sites that make for instant file sharing among users. It can be used absolutely for free, and people are enabled both to upload their files manually, and to do a remote URL upload. And a URL leech option is likewise provided.


A full1 GB of files can be shared through, and these can be split in as much as 100 separate files. When sharing them, the user is allowed to add a password to each file that is being shared, as well as choosing a specific recipient for each one of them. That should be enough encouragement for all those who need to send sensitive information over to give MovDivx a try.

And the fact that accounts can be created not only for free but also really quickly could turn to make something of a difference in the long run. Yet, there are so many sites like MovDivx already available that it is hard to tell how well a new one will go down. In Their Own Words

Easy way to share your files.

Why It Might Be A Killer

It is a free and fast way to have your files both shared and backed up online.

Some Questions About

Will people choose this over other sites that are similar in approach and scope?


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