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Check if you are a frequent internet navigator, because it is a new way to save websites for visiting later. If you are short of time and need to carry on with other tasks on your computer, but found something that really caught your attention, this web tool will make a good work by helping you to keep track of the sites you want to check back.

Miitla stands for “Mind It Later”, and is a web app that requires you to create a user account with username and password. Once you are registered on the site you’ll be able to add a Miitla button on your browser’s toolbar.

Then, while navigating, you must click on that button to save the webpage you are in and which you want to check later. When bookmarking a page, Miitla will get the site’s title, URL adress and description. You can change this info if you want, the same way you may change a bookmark’s title when saving it in your browser.

With Miitla you can also create categories for your saved websites, and organize them by just dragging and dropping the label for each category you created to the site that you want to save under that group.

Different formats are supported by this app to save a site and add notes to it. For example, you can use it with a Pop Up window where you’ll be able to drop text of notes corresponding to that site. But also, if you have a pop-up window blocker enabled, you can choose an overlay window that will be added on the page and will stay on a fixed position so that you can scroll on the window and never lose sight of it. In Their Own Words

Miitla is a complete platform, that allows you to save interesting things and return to them later with just one click!

Some Questions About

The app is “free for now”, as they say on their page. What will be the charges if it becomes a paid service?


Author : Charly Zaks

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