Miimr.com – Filtering The Whole Internet

Miimr.comTired of having to dig deep into these sites you visit regularly just in order to find the content that really appeals to you? Well, it looks like these days are going to become a distant memory. Miimr is here to point the way forward.

In general terms, users of this new application can customize their news feeds and be updated only on these discussions and news that appertain to them directly. This is done by signing up and creating an account, and individualizing your main interests one by one. From that point onwards, only news and conversations that have to do with what you have singled out will make it through. Everything else will be blocked, and barred from your sight.

And Miimr is an intelligent application. The more stories you read and the more content you dismiss, then the more relevant its suggestions are going to get. So, if you keep at it for some time you are almost ensuring a 100 % relevant news feed.

Miimr.com In Their Own Words

The latest news & discussions around all your interests.

Why Miimr.com It Might Be A Killer

It is an almost faultless way to ensure that only content which could be deemed as relevant will be served to you.

Some Questions About Miimr.com

Which social services lend themselves best to this application? Miimr.com