Mid.as – Room Scheduling Software

Mid.asMidas is a new software application for the management of room bookings. Using it, you will be able to see who has booked what, and keep a clear watch on how your facilities are being used. You will also be enabled to invoice clients and track their payments. All that information is displayed in the same screen, using a logical interface that will leave you in no doubt about who is where, and for how long.

As a tool, Midas is suitable not only for hotels and conference centers but also schools, colleges and churches. In short: anywhere there are facilities to manage

Midas is a browser-hosted application. There is nothing to install or update if you decide to get it, and you will be able to access all your data from wherever a web-enabled device is available.

In any case, Midas can be installed in your own server if that is what you think would suit your company best. The choice is yours.

Mid.as In Their Own Words

MIDAS is a browser-based scheduling system for the effective management of your facilities and resources.

Why Mid.as It Might Be A Killer

Basically, because it is a great system for the managing of resources. It presents all the information in a truly crystalline setting.

Some Questions About Mid.as

Does this work exactly alike in all browsers? Mid.as