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Megapply.comI am sure that if given half the chance few people would not go for a service which basically automates job hunting, and that lets them submit their resumes just once to have them matched with suitable positions as they surface. Well, that is precisely what Megapply does.

Megapply is a company that takes care of job searching processes for people. In exchange for a fair fee, the company receives resumes and has them matched with positions that are suitable for the corresponding skill sets. Not only that, the company can take care of submitting applications to such positions for its clients.

This should put an end to these long afternoons trying to come up with professional-sounding cover letters and formatting the resume to look striking and inviting to HR men that have mostly seen it all already.

Both the application submission and the resume posting services provided by Megapply are paid services, but accounts can be created for free. In Their Own Words

You fill out ONE application with us and we will do the job search and apply to jobs matching your skill set.

Why It Might Be A Killer

It is such an agile service – it lets you post your resume just once, and have great positions put your way.

Some Questions About

How many jobs can you apply for simultaneously through this site?