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MashableLogic.comMashableLogic is a mashup development system for companies and businesses that want to maximize what is already available and come up with ad-hoc solutions. Using MashableLogic it is possible for any company’s IT department to handle information by collecting data that might come from separate (and hard to collate) sources.


Actually, the idea is to provide even people who are not highly-proficient with a development system that is easy to employ.

Certainly, the provided Webtop will let non-technical people consume different mashups in an unequivocal way, whereas the ones in charge of analyzing data will be able to work with it in the visual mashup editor that is provided.

Finally, programmers and developers are catered for by the development environment that is featured. Its full name is “Part Integrated Development Environment” and it will let them extend the system as much as their expertise of Javascipt and XML allows them to.

Summing up, MashableLogic is a tool that any company can count upon when it comes to handling information and tackling new problems, using the knowledge the company has already amassed. If you think this is what your company needs, a demo can be easily scheduled though the site. In Their Own Words

“MashableLogic helps businesses empower their employees with a flexible, easy-to-use tool for integrating data from multiple sources into lightweight, situational solutions.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

Problems will always be there, no matter what you do. Solving them is the name of the game, and services such as MashableLogic give the whole process a hefty does of dynamicity.

Some Questions About

How many people does it take for a system like this one to be fully effective?


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