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MapEverywhere.comPowered by a navigation technology that’s not reliant on GPS or Wi-Fi, MapEverywhere lets people who are visiting a hospital, hotel, university or theme park for the first time find their way around it. This navigation technology goes by the name of MapOS, and it is available both on the cloud and as an in-house hosted solution. Its uses are many, and they’re all very impressive. When the technology is activated, users are provided with a turn-by-turn guidance system in the shape of a “Take Me There” button that allows them to see where they want to go, and produce the fastest possible route. Users can specify whether they want to walk or take the stairs, and the system will duly take that into account.


And MapEverywhere can not only guide people through any kind of indoors or outdoors facility, but it can also help them do things as practical and handy as remembering where it was they actually parked their cars, by way of user-defined reference points. Moreover, MapOs works for visually impaired people, as voice over navigation compatibility has been incorporated into the software. In Their Own Words

MapOs is the world’s first and only patent pending non GPS or Wi-Fi turn-by-turn navigation technology. MapOs delivers cutting edge functionality and ease of navigation to your clients, customers and guests while allowing you and your staff to deliver world class levels of service, support and information.

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