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Manilla.comManilla is a handy service that can look after all your bills, and send you automatic reminders when it’s time to pay them. And it works with just everything. Your phone, utilities, loans, loyalty programs, daily deals and even Netflix subscriptions. That’s a very marked improvement on the way applications like this one usually work, as apps for the management of bills and due dates hardly ever go beyond credit cards. Manilla changes that for good, and it can look at your monthly expenses in a much wider way.


And the service has also got the great plus of being really easy to use. A single password is all you have to remember, and that password lets you access a dashboard where all your expenses are brought together.

And if you have a smartphone, then you’ll get to access the service when you’re on the go. iPhone and Android apps are already available, and they’re free.

Both the desktop version of Manilla and the mobile apps can be used at zero cost, actually. The only ones that have to pay anything are the companies themselves, and even they are saving money. Using Manilla is less costly and less complicated than mailing bills to you. In Their Own Words

Manilla gathers all of the information you need to manage your bills and other important accounts, and puts it in one easy, organized overview, available 24/7. With one password, Manilla also lets you know when anything is coming due with automatic reminders. Say goodbye to hassles and late fees!

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What’s next? Which features are going to be added later? What have users of the service requested?


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