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ManageFlitter.comSome might say that Twitter has lost a lot ground recently, what with its previously unparalleled growth becoming somehow slower, and with the unimaginative way in which the company hopes to monetize the system. The truth is that Twitter still has an incredible road ahead – if you really think that it has surrendered the flag, then you’d better think twice.


No platform that has amassed over 100 million users loses its inherent appeal in a mere couple of months. Chances are that a good number of those who are reading this now are new Twitterers. And if you are, I bet you have already stumbled upon the first block of it all: following people as if there were no tomorrow, only to clutter everything for good before you even notice. Newcomers like you are the ones who would find a tool like ManageFlitter compelling, if only because it makes for a more fulfilling Twitter experience.

Basically, this tool will let you manage who you follow. It will do so by singling out these twitterers that you follow who don’t follow you back, and then giving you the chance to clean the list up. It will also tell you about inactive twitterers that you happen to be following, and rectify the situation for you. In Their Own Words

“Twitter account management.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

People who are new to the Twitterverse need something like this in order not to become lost along the way.

Some Questions About

How many people can you unfollow at once using a system like this one?


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