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MailTemp.netA new disposable email provider, MailTemp lets us fight spam in a way that is as easy as it is effective. Users of can simply choose the address that they want to have used (it will invariably end with, and that address will then be generated for them to submit to any suspicious page that requests one be provided in order to sign up. Users will be able to reply to all messages they receive straight from it.


The fake email addresses that can be created through this site all have a set lifespan – they all expire within 24 hours. You are not allowed to modify that, and while some might say that such a thing limits the uses this web service has, I actually think that it gives it more practicality. I mean, you always know what you are getting if you do resort to MailTemp. There is nothing to set up, and there is nothing to adjust at all. In Their Own Words

Free fake email address.

Why It Might Be A Killer

As far as fighting spam goes, it seldom gets any more direct than this.

Some Questions About

What about attachments? Can you get files of any size in these temporary email inboxes?


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