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MailNuggets.comMail Nuggets is an interesting service that enables you to filter parts of emails before they are delivered to another person. The idea is to let you share emails with others, without actually sharing information that might be too sensitive or too personal.


Also, a service like Mail Nuggets will give you all the peace of mind you need for sending an email to an account that doesn’t really seem that safe to you.

In all these cases, Mail Nuggets will empower you to have the message pre-filtered, and the information that the other person should not see removed. What will remain is the essence of the message that has to be conveyed, or punctual information such as “John Smith is arriving in half an hour. Meet him in the hallway”.

This is done by letting you set down a lot of parameters that will then be used to process the email before having it put your recipient’s way.

Additionally, using Mail Nuggets you will be able to receive emails as text messages right in your mobile. These will be sent along with the filtered email that was just described, and they will let you see exactly how effective the whole service is turning out to be. In Their Own Words

“Email processing and forwarding.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

It avoids the hassle of personally editing emails which you have to forward but that contain sensitive information.

Some Questions About

What other uses has this got?


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