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Mailbeans.comTo put it in simple words, Mailbeans is a solution that will let you aggregate emails in a centralized spot. Users can have up to 6 mailboxes, and multiple email accounts can be checked with a single sign-on.


Messages are stored not only permanently but also automatically – that is, no need to synchronize anything manually.

Further functionalities include the ability to have a contact book created automatically too, whereas geolocation of email senders is provided by way of Google Maps that pinpoint the exact spot. Contacts can be easily organized within groups, and the e-mails that have been sent are categorized concomitantly. And emails are also summarized for you to save time when viewing them.

Visualizing so much information about any sender turns the whole experience into one which is so affable that accessing email turns into something more like seeing people than mere contacts. That is the main selling point of Mailbeans if you ask me, and I feel it can give it enough push to go all the way. Let’s see if it catches on. In Their Own Words

“Mailbeans is a web-based service of email aggregation and management which allows users to keep all their email accounts in a same place and in an unified way.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

Accessing your emails in such a light is not only more engaging but also something that has a far greater human touch.

Some Questions About

How do you create an account?


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