– For Financial Services Intermediaries

Lynkos.comLynkos is a platform that enables financial services intermediaries to enhance their operations at all levels – from the actual sales structures to the administration of staff and the handling of customers, Lynkos makes for consolidating the way any company works in a single platform that is delivered as a service. In this way, the various independent products that customers always demand are supplied in a unified channel.

This includes investment solutions, life & health insurance products and retirements & saving planning accounts.

Consequently, defining Lynkos as “a many-to-many platform for financial services intermediaries” (as the company does itself) is entirely accurate.

Lynkos already has partnerships with some of the largest financial services wholesalers in the world, delivering its platform to thousands of retail intermediaries across the globe. More than 150 organizations in 19 countries are already part of the project.

The service is launching in September 2010, and until that day arrives you can keep a close watch on the way everything develops by visiting the pre-launch blog or following the company on Twitter. In Their Own Words

“Lynkos is a many-to-many platform for financial services intermediaries. It integrates to multiple types of financial services providers and is delivered as a service, on a transactional model, to independent financial advisers; providing a new order of efficiency, sales development tools, enhanced customer service and unlimited growth support.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

By consolidating so many different operations at the same time it offers unprecedented growth capabilities to companies all over the world.

Some Questions About

What improvements will be made to the platform when the site finally launches?