LogMyTask.com – A Supple Task Management Solution

LogMyTask.comGenerally speaking, LogMyTask is a software application that can be used for the tracking of time. It empowers users to quickly figure out much time are they spending on any given task, as well as what their coworkers are spending time on.

This way, it is easy to realize what makes them go slow and act in consequence.

It is all accomplished using a very simple Twitter-like interface, and a calendar that has support for tags is likewise featured for you to keep everything in smooth working order. Besides, a real-time collaborative lifestream will let you see how any team task is evolving, and how far it is from completion.

Ultimately, time is money. Any service that lets you maximize every single minute of the day is (by definition) one that has immediate corporal appeal. Enabling managers to know what their teams are up to and coworkers realize what each one is up to can but increase productivity. Signing up is accomplished in no time at all, too – you simply furnish the prototypical contact and account information, and then you are on your way to become more effective.

LogMyTask.com In Their Own Words

“The life of your time.”

Why LogMyTask.com It Might Be A Killer

If you have some trouble getting yourself self-organized, this service will be the answer to your every conundrum.

Some Questions About LogMyTask.com

Is it all web-based, or do you have to download anything in order to get going? LogMyTask.com