LocaFollow.com – A Tool For Following Other Twitterers

LocaFollow.comSimply put, LocaFollow is a new tool that is geared towards Twitter users. It lets them locate fellow users in a couple of different ways, including looking them up by location and by biographical information so that the bond which is created online goes hand in hand with relevance in the physical world as well.

Besides, when executing a search it is possible see the person’s latest tweet in a very direct way, and have something of an idea as regards the kind of tweets which are forthcoming from that person.

On the other hand, a “Bulk Follow” button is provided for you to follow people massively if you feel like going truly social.

A nice touch is that when you visit the site for the first time it geolocates your position. That information is then employed to show you a list of Twitter users within your same city or town.

Lastly, it is important to mention that you will not have to disclose your Twitter password in order to use this service – OAuth is thankfully supported, so that you can get started in a matter of seconds upon first addressing your browser to www.localfollow.com.

LocaFollow.com In Their Own Words

“Locate and follow twitter users searching in their Bio and Location fields.”

Why LocaFollow.com It Might Be A Killer

It lets anybody find compatible people to follow, and also follow others en masse if that is what he or she wants.

Some Questions About LocaFollow.com

In which other ways could a search be refined so that the process becomes even more dynamic? LocaFollow.com